Beach Vacation Trip Tips by Bacall Associates

Beach is probably one of the favorite place of families to go to during vacations. Kids will be super excited when you tell them you're going to the beach, and they will definitely start packing their favorite things to bring with them.

You can enjoy listening to the waves while enjoying your favorite book and laying down on a soft towel under an umbrella. Bacall Associates put together a few tips to consider for your perfect beach vacation.


Obviously, there are a lot of beaches to choose from, and each of them offers unique services. Before booking your trip, make sure to choose the best beach that suits your family's interests. Your family's enjoyment should be your utmost priority. You can ask your close friends or other relatives for suggestions, or you can just browse the internet and trust Google's results. Don't choose a beach that is exclusive for singles or couples if you're planning to have a vacation with your whole family. For a new adventure, you can also choose a 'virgin' beach or a quiet and less crowded beach. Your family will surely enjoy the serenity of such places, and you can do activities on your own without disturbing other people. For example, lots of reviews state that Singapore doesn’t really have nice beaches because it’s only known for its towering steel and glass towers, but it has few beaches that are very beautiful, quiet and peaceful and only the locals know their locations and some of which doest have an officialbeach name. Secret beaches are amazing! But since they are not made to cater tourists, your family need to prepare everything you need by yourselves.


If you're planning to stay for a few days at the beach, then you and your family should have a place to stay in. You can choose between hotels often available at the beachfront, or hotels within walking distance of your beach's location. You don't want to choose faraway hotels, right? Choose the one that is the most convenient for your family, and has a wide variety of beach accommodations perfect for any beach experience you're looking for. You can choose between romantic cottages, full-service resorts, family-friendly hotels, or even campsites. You should ask your family members for their preferred accommodation to have a unified decision.


Your family will definitely enjoy doing different kinds of activities during your beach vacation, so you should choose a beach that offers an amazing array of activities. Bacall Associates advise you to plan ahead and organize everything beforehand. Ask questions to the staff of the beach to plan the activities you’ll be having. Paying in advance is also an option so that you’ll not bother yourself bringing a large amount of money to the beach. Before booking, don't forget to ask if those services are available during your stay. You can also discuss this matter with your family members so that they know what to expect and what activities to perform on the beach.


Note that choosing the right time is crucial for your beach vacation. You should know that peak season and public holidays mean crowded beaches, and expect traffic and fully booked airports. With these situations in hand, you should be able to make everything right for your vacation. Yes, you have a lot to consider that's why you shouldn't rush planning and take one step at a time. To avoid rainy and very hot seasons, check the weather of the area at different times of the year. Remember that choosing the most convenient time for you and your family is really important.


Bacall Associates advises you to pack right and light. Girls usually plan to pack their things in advance than boys, but it'll be better if everyone will do this beforehand. With this, you’ll have more time organizing your things and putting everything you need without forgetting anything important. This can result in a less stressful beach vacation. Making a list of the things you need can help you organize your things. Some of the most important things to bring with you include cash, hat and sunscreen, phone charger, reading materials, and of course, an extra outfit.

Bacall Associates has been in the travel arena for decades, so you can definitely trust the tips given above in planning your beach vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing the things you need, and make sure that you will be having a memorable beach holiday with your family.

Tips for Backpacking through Southeast Asia by Bacall Associates Travel

Southeast Asia is among the most famous destinations in the world for backpackers. It's possible for you to discover lots of charm in every state, so it is a must see for many. If you are already residing in Asia, it is possible to adjust to any states within this sub region, but you could get a culture shock if you’re from a foreign land like USA or Europe. So performing a research is essential before the journey. Bacall Associates provide important pointers to take note of before you begin your journey to prevent any disorderly scenarios.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Most westerners are shocked to learn that this was a common practice in the subregion, for them, it looks like an unfair deal to the sellers. But no more worries because most of the time, it’s not. Some foreigners just accept the first price stated by a seller and will not bother arguing about it. But in most cases, the first price was worth much more than the regular price. Bargaining is not a confrontation, so there’s no need to be scared of, just smile and ask the seller nicely, and eventually, you’ll find it very interesting to do.

You don’t need to book in advance

It will be really nerve-wracking and tiring to visit various locations at once, and then going back to the hotel you’re staying. It would be better to find a place to stay to the place you fell in love with during your travel because it will be easier to discover that particular place and enjoy its surroundings. You can have a flexible schedule if you’re going to do this rather than booking rooms in advance of time, simply because you’ll have more freedom to decide where to stay. But occasionally, booking ahead is recommended if you know you’re going to be exhausted from an extended flight, bus or train ride, or if you’re visiting a place during a major event and you don’t have time to roam about.

Transportation: Don’t be in a hurry

Expect to wait more minutes or hours in the estimated time of the arrival of a bus or train if you’re planning to go somewhere in Southeast Asia. Don’t get frustrated in this situation, but simply believe that this could bring you some favorable impact such as learning to restrain your misery and raise your patience. But there are some cities in the region that have efficient and developed transport systems, and one of which is Singapore.

Be cautious of scams

Scams could be everywhere and it can occur to you. Unfortunately, tourists becoming victims of various scams is nothing new in this region. Instead of being frightened, you need to be more cautious when traveling to Southeast Asia, or any part of the world. Before you begin your journey, you need to teach yourself with the most frequent kind of scams. If you know what to avoid, you can have a safe journey.

Properly manage your visa requirements

There are various visa requirements for each country in Southeast Asia, and Bacall Associates needs you to be educated of those. You cannot be accepted to every border by simply showing up your passport.

Stay hydrated

Showering two times a day might not be enough for you because Southeast Asia is quite hot during the coolest time of the year. Bacall Associates wants you to stay hydrated all the time because you’re going to sweat like never before, and during the hottest time of the day, find some shady spot and relax there for a bit.

Don’t get too excited on street foods

Some tourists experience having excruciating stomach pain due to food poisoning or eating undercooked food. Target stalls that have a line-up because you can be sure that the food is freshly cooked and not sitting under a heater all day.

There’s so much beauty to witness in Southeast Asia, and it’s not just about partying and beaches, the region is also rich in culture, and each of its countries deserves all the synonyms of the word “breathtaking”. Its simplicity and slow pace of life will undoubtedly capture your heart.

Transferring stocks into a TFSA


Bruce Sellery says you can transfer all sorts of investments into a TFSA, but you may not be able to completely avoid the taxman by doing so.



I have a large amount of money tied up in shares of the company I work for. I have room in my TFSA and wonder if it is possible to transfer the stock into this account without cashing them first? Also, do you have any tips on negotiating the transfer fees from the full service brokerage to this new one? I know it is time for me to make the move, but I’m a little nervous about it.



Making the move to a discount brokerage can feel like a really big step. I’m not surprised to hear that you’re nervous about it because a lot of people are. But once you get through the paperwork and set up the account I think you’ll find it’s as easy to use. I remember when I set mine up years ago it took some getting used to, but the navigation was intuitive and the call centre folks were helpful. I also learned that it was best to avoid calling at the opening or closing of the stock market as that’s when they tend to be the busiest.


Transferring stock into a TFSA

In terms of your company stock, you don’t have to sell it; you can just transfer those shares directly into your Tax Free Savings Account, provided that it is held within a brokerage. A TFSA at a brokerage allows you to hold all sorts of investments: stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. But be careful if you open this account at a bank. If you set up your TFSA with your bank’s brokerage arm you should be fine, but the version that you set up with a bank teller may have restrictions.


While you can transfer the stocks into your TFSA without selling them first, you could still trigger a tax event. If the stock has gone up in value you will have to pay tax on that gain. Only future gains will be sheltered and able to compound tax-free. However, if you have any capital losses saved up you can use them to offset the gain.


On the other hand, if the stock you want to transfer into your TFSA has fallen in value you cannot claim the loss for tax purposes. In order to claim the loss you’d have to sell the stock outside the TFSA first. But be mindful of the superficial loss rule, which prevents investors from selling a stock to claim a loss and then buying it back in right back. If you sell the stock outside of the TFSA and buy it back within 30-days, the loss will be denied.


Once the stock is moved over, promise me that you’ll take a look and see how much of your total portfolio it represents. You need to diversify out of your company’s stock; failing to do so is a mistake I see all too often. Even if you love your company and believe in its future, it still makes sense to review your exposure and reduce your position over time. If you need anecdotal evidence of how wrong things can go, just think about the pain suffered by employees of Nortel Networks who didn’t sell some of their shares before it came crashing down to earth.


Negotiating transfer fees

Transfer fees are typically charged by the brokerage firm that you are leaving. The fees aren’t huge—typically in the hundred-dollar range—but it is worth asking your new brokerage to reimburse you for them. It is a fairly common practice so it will be less like a negotiation and more like a request. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Ideally you should enquire about fee reimbursements when you’re setting up the account so you have someone to follow up with directly if there is an issue.


Stretch outside your comfort zone

Embracing new habits around money—even just the logistics of it—isn’t easy. In fact, only yesterday I moved to online statements for my bank accounts, line of credit and credit card. That felt like a big step, even though it only took a few clicks and three minutes of my time. Stretching outside of your comfort zone to get a better handle on your money is a good thing in my opinion. It can make a big difference both in terms of your actual results and in terms of how you feel about you money.